Shady Brook honorees recognized by school board

Shady Brook honorees recognized by school board
Posted on 04/18/2018
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The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to recognize outstanding representatives from Shady Brook Elementary School during its April board meeting. We are very grateful to the Mary Beth Burgess State Farm Insurance Agency for donating $100 to the Shady Brook library in appreciation of the honorees.


  • Stefano Conteras Ruiz:  Stefano is a true wonder. He came to America last year as a 9-year-old and spoke no English. He also started fourth grade at Woodrow Wilson in the middle of the school year. This year, he began 5th grade at Shady Brook with a smile and a quest for knowledge. He knew very little English at the start of the year but has excelled in math and science. He is now much more fluent in English and is growing as a student. His influence on his classmates is always positive. He is polite and kind to everyone and insists on holding the door for his classmates and teacher every day. Stefano makes everyone better, and he is an incredible model of work ethic and positive attitude. He exemplifies the characteristics of a true Shady Brook learner and citizen. 


  • Andrea Estrada:  Andrea is a true definition of a “quiet leader.” Without saying much, Andrea has all the qualities of a role model. She makes great choices and works extremely hard. She takes pride in her work and is constantly improving. Her teachers have seen great growth in Andrea’s perseverance. They say she has grown to accept challenges and rise to meet them. They also say she wants to make the best of every school day. She frequently laughs and jokes with her friends, and her classmates agree that Andrea can work with anyone in her class. She volunteers to assist other students, and she always encourages her classmates. Her amazing attitude radiates throughout the classroom. Her teachers say that Andrea encapsulates the qualities of not only a great student but also a fantastic person and friend.


  • Beth Morgan:  Shady Brook Elementary has always been a wonderful place, but something magical happened the day Beth Morgan found her herself exploring the neighborhoods of Shady Brook. While she definitely saw a community in need, she also saw potential and promise in the children. She contacted Shady Brook and began building deep relationships with the community and the school. She started working with students during and after school on homework and academic skills. That soon blossomed into her leading a team of adults who have developed summer academic programs within the community, created recreational centers for kids in Shady Brook’s neighborhoods, and connected neighborhoods with food and other critical resources. The students and staff at Shady Brook have never seen anyone that has invested herself in the community the way Beth has. In addition, the trust and love she has shown for the Hispanic community has bonded the community together and strengthened Shady Brook’s impact. People who say they want to change the world should take lessons from Beth Morgan.

  • Martin Katz:  Martin Katz may be receiving this recognition as a substitute teacher, but his influence is so much greater than that. Teachers at Shady Brook all clamor to get Mr. Katz as a sub. They know he will do a great job when they are not able to be there. Mr. Katz’s deep respect for students and each classroom’s instruction is overwhelming. The learning in each classroom doesn’t miss a beat with Mr. Katz as a sub. He is adept at delivering instruction, and he builds tremendous relationships with every student. In addition, Mr. Katz comes back to Shady Brook to volunteer after school. He has created a chess club for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. Mr. Katz is a true educator and a positive influence, and Shady Brook is a better place because of him.


  • Sara Tuttle:  Shady Brook is filled with outstanding educators, so when someone joins the staff, impresses everyone, and makes a profound impact on all students and employees, that person must be special. Sara Tuttle is a natural at everything. Teachers she supports all marvel at her ability to deliver small and whole group instruction with innate effectiveness. They say there are two teachers in the classroom whenever Sara is providing academic support. Her relationship with students and teachers is golden, and she has an inherent ability to motivate and bond with kids. Her knack for understanding and delivering instruction is uncanny. Incredibly, Sara also has a profound talent for navigating giant yellow buses around the meticulous streets of Kannapolis flawlessly. As if all that were not enough, Sara is one of the nicest and most genuine people you’ll ever meet. Her attitude, work ethic, intelligence, and smile lift everyone’s spirits. She truly makes Shady Brook a better place.


  • Dawn Davis:  While Dawn Davis holds the title of Physical Education Teacher, she is so much more than that. Dawn makes her presence felt throughout the entire building. She exudes energy, enthusiasm, and admiration for all students, and everyone can feel it. Dawn’s lessons and instruction are well designed to build and incorporate comprehensive physical and social development within all students. However, what makes her so special is the way she does everything with enthusiasm. Whether Dawn is teaching PE, leading a lesson in the computer lab, or teaching academic transfer skills, students love what they’re doing, and they get a ton out of it. Shady Brook owes much of its culture, work ethic, and love of learning to the overarching influence of Dawn Davis. 


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