School board honors reps from Shady Brook Elementary

School board honors reps from Shady Brook Elementary
Posted on 01/04/2019
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The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to recognize outstanding representatives from Shady Brook Elementary School during its December board meeting. We are very grateful to the Mary Beth Burgess State Farm Insurance Agency for donating $100 to the Shady Brook library in appreciation of the honorees.

  •  Alexa Mata: When you google a bulldog’s temperament, multiple words appear, including “docile,” “friendly,” and “willful.” Alexa Mata embodies all these words, which makes her the perfect person to represent Shady Brook. Alexa comes to school every day with a smile. She is kind to all her classmates and other students. You never have to ask her to help another student because she does it on her own and always with understanding and kindness. Alexa has a tremendous work ethic. She gives every assignment and task her best effort. Her genuine character makes her classroom and Shady Brook better, and she exemplifies the characteristics of a true Shady Brook learner and citizen.
  • LeNay Turnage: LeNay Turnage is an impressive young lady. She embodies all of the characteristics of a natural leader. She makes smart choices, and you can tell that she values her time in school and the people who support her. She approaches tasks and challenges with perseverance and a positive attitude, and she never settles for “good enough.” LeNay is intelligent, and she uses her talents to help others. She often volunteers in younger grades levels when she has completed her work in class. She is a wonderful role model. Even though she is incredibly focused and determined, she has fun during her school day. You can truly sense that LeNay is never done learning. Everyone at Shady Brook sees her as trustworthy, hard-working, respectful, and responsible, and they are grateful that she is part of the Shady Brook family.

  • Mary Ellen Covington (Volunteer): Something magical happened the day Mary Ellen Covington found her herself exploring the hallways of Shady Brook with members of her church. Before she even left the building, she had reached out to Mr. Gibson to begin volunteering. Ever since that day three years ago, she’s built deep relationships with students and staff. Her impact has been tremendous. Mrs. Covington knows the different needs of Shady Brook teachers and does all she can to help each one of them. She is a master of anticipating roadblocks and clearing the way so teachers can help their students. Shady is definitely a better place with Mary Ellen Covington.


  • Cecilia Hauck (Sub): If there was ever a question about how valued Cecilia Hauck is at Shady Brook, just watch the teachers clamor to get Mrs. Hauck as their sub. They know she will take exceptional care of their kids while they are gone, and they have seen Mrs. Hauck’s deep respect for students and each classroom’s instruction. The learning doesn’t miss a beat with Mrs. Hauck as a sub. What the staff most appreciate is that she clearly sees her role as more than just a job; she is truly available to serve. There have been many times where emergencies have arisen for staff members in the middle of the day, and Mrs. Hauck has stepped in with a moment’s notice to take their place and support them. Mrs. Hauck is an invaluable asset to Shady Brook, and she allows instruction to move forward seamlessly.

  • Dorel Simmons:Shady Brook is filled with outstanding educators, so when someone stands out the way Dorel Simmons does, he must be special. Mr. Simmons is a natural at everything. Teachers marvel at his incredible ability to deliver small and whole group instruction. This year, he moved from supporting an EC self-contained class to supporting three complete grade levels. He has challenged himself to master the vast array of instructional support that entails, but he has made it look easy. It feels as if there are two teachers in the classroom whenever Dorel is providing academic support. His relationship with students and teachers is golden, and he has an inherent ability to motivate and bond with kids. Just recently, Dorel has shown he has a hidden talent for navigating giant yellow buses around the streets of Kannapolis. As if all that were not enough, Dorel is one of the nicest and most genuine people you’ll ever meet. His attitude, work ethic, intelligence, and smile lift everyone’s spirits. He truly makes Shady Brook better.

  • Cindy Lawrence: Ms. Lawrence is in only her second year at Shady Brook, but she has demonstrated exemplary leadership. Not only has she provided strong ESL instruction to students, but she also has carved out time each week to work with every team of teachers on instructional planning, data analysis, and student review. By doing this, she has become a de facto member of every team, which has informed her own instruction and allowed her to be a resource to other teachers. She also has had a tremendous impact on Shady Brook’s culture. Her positive, solution oriented approach to all things is felt by all staff members, and her presence helps make Shady Brook a great place to teach and learn.


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