Board honors outstanding reps from Woodrow Wilson Elementary

Board honors outstanding reps from Woodrow Wilson Elementary
Posted on 01/16/2019
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The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to recognize outstanding representatives from Woodrow Wilson Elementary School during its January board meeting. We are very grateful to the Mary Beth Burgess State Farm Insurance Agency for donating $100 to the Shady Brook library in appreciation of the honorees.

  •  Rosalie Smith:  Rosalie Smith is a 2nd grader at Woodrow Wilson. She is hard working and attempts everything that is asked of her no matter how challenging. She is a well-rounded student who excels academically and cares about her performance. Like a sponge, Rosalie absorbs everything she is exposed to, and she has a desire to learn it all! She is a positive role model and is loved by everyone she meets. Rosalie can be humble and quiet at first, but once you crack that shell, you will truly learn how amazing she is and how much she has to offer others in life.


  • Megan Valenzuela:  Megan Valenzuela is a 4th grader at Woodrow Wilson. She is that child who has a permanent smile on her face from the moment she walks into school until the dismissal bell rings. She is one who shows tremendous love and kindness to others, no matter who they are. Megan always gives her best and stays focused on academics while making sure she supports her peers as a good friend. Megan recently was honored as one of Woodrow Wilson’s elite Safety Patrol members. In that role, she keeps others safe while making everyone feel welcomed. She often performs random acts of kindness and seeks nothing in return. She is truly a well-rounded student and a wonderful person.


  • Stacy Boone: Stacy Boone is a tremendous asset to Woodrow Wilson and works extremely hard to support everything the school does. She is the mother of Alexa who is one of Woodrow Wilson’s kindergarten superstar students and a graduate of the Wee Wonders pre-K program. Stacy is the parent who doesn’t know how to say no! She makes herself available at all times and wants to engage as much as possible to support the students and teachers of Woodrow Wilson. Her overall demeanor is friendly and fun, and she offers outstanding ideas of how the school can get even better. Stacy has been a useful set of eyes and hands for field trips and classroom events, which is essential when talking about 20 five year olds! Stacy is dependable and wants to do what’s best in all situations for the students and staff of Woodrow!


  • Jerry Faulkenbury: Jerry Faulkenbury is the substitute teacher who is the “GO TO” sub. Woodrow Wilson teachers definitely have his number stored in their phones. He has been part of the Woodrow Wilson family for several years, and everyone appreciates his efforts and support. Jerry is outstanding at making sure the instructional day continues as planned. He is knowledgeable about the elementary level content and does an excellent job keeping it lively and fun! Jerry is especially gifted at filling in for Coach Rodgers’ PE class, and the kids love when they see his face on the days Coach Rodgers is out. Everyone at Woodrow Wilson loves having Jerry support what they do, and they hope he will continue to be one of their ‘Star Substitutes.”


  • Clare Diamond: Clare Diamond is an Instructional Assistant at Woodrow Wilson who wears many hats during each school day. She sets her expectations high for not only herself but also for her students. She holds them accountable for their learning and effort. She is very thorough with everything she teaches, and she engages students with visual and hands on instruction. Clare always asks how she can help with anything at Woodrow, and there is never a task she can’t achieve. Clare also has an incredible sense of humor, which is so important in an elementary school environment. The students love Mrs. Diamond, which is easy to see by the big smiles and hugs she gets every day!


  • Lisa Strahan: Lisa Strahan has been an Exceptional Children’s teacher at Woodrow Wilson for 11 years, and she has been with KCS for 15 years. Each year, Lisa achieves outstanding student growth and achievement with her exceptional students. She is extremely talented with engaging her learners, and she has effective strategies for making sure they transfer content. Lisa also understands the importance of teaching soft skills to build character within her students. In her role, she works with nearly all of Woodrow’s teachers. They rely heavily on her knowledge because they know she does great things for all learners. Lisa puts in countless hours making sure that EC paperwork meets all guidelines while also building positive relationships with parents. Lisa is always so positive, and her love and care radiate to everyone around her. There is never a day where you won’t see a smile on Lisa’s face and hugs being offered to her students. Woodrow Wilson is a better place because of Mrs. Strahan.


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