Organizing iPad Apps

Many iPad users have a hard time determining how to organize their App Screens.  The two prevailing methods are to organize Apps in Subject folders OR to organize Apps by Subject screens.  In the last lesson we discovered how to make folders.  To organize Apps by either folder or screen, you'll need to Activate the App (tap and hold until it jiggles) and then drag the App to the appropriate folder or screen.  The maximum number of Apps a folder or screen will hold is 20. 
iPads also have six spots at the bottom of the screen (it's officially called the "dock" area) that will show on all screens.  Use these slots for your six most popular "go-to" Apps.  You can't make folders in the doc area but you CAN drag folders onto the doc after you've created them.     (NOTE:  I also use these spots when I'm shuffling Apps from screen to screen.  They are much easier to use to transfer six Apps at a time, rather than sliding one App from screen to screen.)

View this Video (if you still need help organizing your Apps.)

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