Web 3 OH!

So what IS the difference between Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web 3.0?

According to Twine founder, Nova Spivack, the various generations of the web need to be defined bythe characteristics of an era, rather than a set of technologies.  With that in mind - How are the eras separated?

Web 1.0 (or dot.com) was the information version.  Web designers were mostly interested in getting information published electronically.  In essence, the first generation of the World Wide Web was an electronic reference book. Search engines (web crawler) and directories (yahoo) provided the aha moments of this era because for the first time there was a way to cut to the chase and find specific information.  Communication was mostly in one direction, except for "Contact Us" boxes where a user could email the web author/owner for more information.

Web 2.0 (or the interactive version) began when web designers began to create web pages that provided users with fun tools where instant interaction could occur.  Do you recall using Lino, Wallwisher, Tagxedo, or Today's Meet?  Flash web pages allowed designers to create manipulative pages, and everyone could create an online video and upload it to YouTube.  Social media such as Twitter and Facebook were birthed in this era and web designing went from knowing html code to using free drag and drop web-design sites such as Weebly or Google sites.

Web 3.0 is on the brink of bursting forth into another new era which features the intelligent web.  This third generation of web interaction might include verbal commands where the user speaks the command or question to the device used (not just a computer any more!) and the internet will analyze the command or question and then present an organized list of 'possibilities' for the user to peruse.  The user can narrow the list and the internet will once again analyze the response and provide an even more specific result.  In essence, the internet becomes the user's personal assistant.  Artificial Intelligence will likely be a significant part of this era.

What will the next generation of web bring?  I can't wait to find out!  Stay tuned...
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