Understanding Intellectual Property

Teacher Preparation:
Standards Met:

K.SE.1.3 Recognize the importance of respect for the work of others.


  • credit
  • title
  • name

Materials Needed:
Ask for the iPad App Chatterpix to be loaded on your classroom iPads.  
Access to the Movie Short entitled "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds.

Teacher Briefing:
What is Copyright? - Read these Frequently Asked Questions to gain a better understanding about what copyright is and what it isn't before teaching the lesson.

(This lesson is designed with primary level students in mind.)


Have the students take a photo of themselves, decorate it, and record a message to a parent or grandparent describing their 'work' in Chatterbox.  Ask them to include their first name only, and the title of their masterpiece in their recording.  Tell them that they are taking credit for their work by giving it a title and naming themselves as the author/artist.  Help them understand why it is important to give themselves credit for their work.

The Lesson:
Watch the movie "The Dot" and ask them to watch for people taking credit for their work in the video clip.

Questions to ask the students after viewing the movie short:

  • Who created the dot?
  • Who wrote the book "The Dot"?
  • Who made the video "The Dot?"
  • Who told the story "The Dot?"
  • Who drew the pictures for "The Dot?"

Did the video give all these people credit for their work?  Why do you think that?
Is your picture copyrighted? Why do you think that?
If your teacher creates a slide show of all your Chatterpix photos, how will anyone know which picture was created by which student?  
Is it legal for your teacher to take your pictures and create a slide show?

Post-Lesson Follow-up:
When students visit the computer lab, have them explore the CyberBee FAQs. (NOTE: These will not work on iPads - that's why the computer lab is needed.)  Students will pair up and hover over a question on the screen.  They will discuss what they think is the answer and write it on their FAQ discussion sheet. After they've reached an answer, they will click on the computer screen to discover what they Cyber Bee thinks and add it to the discussion sheet.  Finally, they will write a revised answer in the third column, incorporating their thoughts into the Cyber Bee answer.

Other Resources to Use for Reinforcement:
School Tube Video - copyright and fair use
Google Advanced Search - Search for royalty free pictures
Flickr Creative Commons Search page - Search for royalty free pictures
Creative Commons search with Attribution Stamp
Xpert Attribution Tool - Add Attribution to images
Roflbot - add text and captions to your images
Royalty Free Music
LOC - Taking the Mystery out of Copyright
The Ultimate Copyright Guide for Students
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Guide
A Plagiarism Guide for Students
Copyright Flow Chart 
What is Fair Use? - Watch the video below for a parody of Fair Use
Chart Outlining Fair Use Guidelines
Copyright Friendly Resources gathered by Kathy Parker

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