Even MORE Resources

Suggestions by staff members of useful websites when working with technology integration:
  1. www.studystack.com can be used to create on-line flashcards.  For students who struggle with vocabulary, this is an excellent tool.  I not only used this in my classroom but shared the link with parents who worked with their child at home.  Stacks can also be saved to an Iphone so that a parent can review with a child anywhere.
  2. Cara Wolford's "Teaching with Students in Mind" wiki.
  3. Music Resources to Use in Presentations
  4. Wayback Machine - What happened to that webpage?  The Wayback machine archives older versions of websites....very helpful when you favorite website disappears!
  5. Intel - eLearning - online PD for Assessment, STEM, Thinking Tools, Project-Based Learning, and Digital Literacy
  6.  Royalty Free Media (collected courtesy of Mrs. Braswell)

    These sites contain materials that is generally free to use. The list includes resources from the US government agencies,
    educational organizations and companies that provide valuable information and research sites for students and teachers.

  7. ccmixter.org/find-music
     - requires attribution for anything used
    Purple Planet - requires attribution for anything used
    CC Mixter - Creative Commons citation
Video and Images

FreeFoto.com - FreeFoto.com promotes its website as "the largest collection of free photo for private and  
non-commercial use on the internet." Please read the guidelines for using the images.

Pics4Learning is a "copyright friendly image library for students and teachers." Their collection includes thousands of images donated by students, teachers and amateur photographers. Permission has been granted for teachers and students to use all of the images on the Pics4Learning website.

Open Clip Art - Educators can use this site to find lots of clipart images, all under a CC license.  Students can use these images in projects requiring lots of pictures to illustrate concepts.  It could also be used as a way to review vocabulary - after studying learning new vocabulary words, students have to find images that illustrate each definition.  They can use the search bar in the top right hand corner to find exactly what they want.
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