Computer Issues

  • Unusual slowness, program crashing:
    • Reboot the computer before calling for help. Many times that will fix irregularities without additional intervention.
    • If you have a black screen: Press the "num lock" or "caps lock" key on the keyboard. If it lights up, the computer is on. Try jiggling the mouse or pressing the space bar on the keyboard to wake the computer.  Be reminded that it may take several seconds to wake the computer.


  • Frozen Screen:
    • Hold the Power button down and count to 10 until the "num lock" or "caps lock" key is not lit. Wait a few seconds, then push the Power button again to turn on the computer.
    • If you are using a wireless mouse and the mouse is frozen but you can still move around the screen using your keyboard, the mouse probably needs new batteries. Check to see if the infrared panel is glowing.   If not, replace the mouse batteries. If it’s glowing, restart the computer for it to recognize the mouse.
    • If a program appears to be frozen, press simultaneously - Ctrl, Alt, Delete ( Del ) to close any program that is not responding. Click on the task list button on an XP machine to see a list of the programs running.  If one is listed as “Not Responding”, click on it, then click on the End Task button to shut down the application, then restart the computer.

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