• Black Monitor:
    • Check to see if the monitor is plugged in to a power source.
    • Check to make sure the monitor power button is turned on.
    • Check to make sure the monitor cable is plugged into the computer and the computer is turned on.
    • If all that doesn't work, swap monitors with one you know is working.  If you get a picture, the original monitor has gone bad and needs to be recycled.


  • Pink (or other strange color) Screen:

Usually means not getting a good video connection.  It could be your video card is going bad, the cable connection is loose, or the video card not firmly in its slot.  Check your cables first, then if you’re feeling brave, shut down the computer and pop open the case of the CPU.  Press straight down (evenly) on the top edge of the video card to reseat it.  (How do you know it’s the video card?  It’s the one with the video port that you plugged the monitor cable into already.) Reboot the computer and see if it looks better.  If not, do a work order for the video card to be replaced.

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