FAQ - Simple Troubleshooting Tips

Basic Troubleshooting:

There are some simple things anyone can do to prevent problems with your computer and the two easiest items are to reboot when experiencing quirks and keep your computer clean and not covered with miscellaneous stuff! Kannapolis also has some technology FAQs that are helpful.  Here are a few other basic guidelines to use to troubleshoot your computer.


Many problems can be fixed by restarting the computer.  Make sure that is the FIRST step in a computer's diagnosis.


Always complete a task and close all programs, before shutting down.  This will ensure that the hard drive is parked if you have a mechanical hard drive.

What is the difference between Logging Out, Restarting, Rebooting, and Shutting Down?

  • Shut Down--the screen will go black, all the lights should be off, and the computer should not be making any sounds.
  • Log Out--the log in screen will be visible and the computer is still on.
  • Restart or Reboot– the screen will go black, and then the start up screen will re-appear.


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