Obtaining Paid Apps

Essential Question:

How do I keep my personal Apps separate from my school Apps?

iPad Apps are associated with the AppleID that is used to purchase the App - not a particular device.  
Volume Purchased Apps - using the School's Apple ID:
School Purchased Apps come from the Volume Purchasing Program (VPP).  Apple requires schools to follow Terms and Conditions that are different from the Terms and Conditions for home use.  Educators MUST purchase an individual App for EACH device but using the VPP provides discounts for Volume Purchases by Schools.

To obtain an App through the VPP, you will need to fill out the App Request Form (download at the bottom of this page) and give it to your Technology Facilitator.  The Technology Facilitator will obtain the VPP codes and load them on your iPad(s).

The school's Apple ID does not have a credit card associated with it.  If you wish to obtain free Instructional Apps for your classroom iPads, use the school's AppleID.

Personal Apps

If you are obtaining an individual paid App to be loaded on your iPad, you will need to obtain a personal AppleID and associate a credit card or iTunes card with your AppleID.  Since this AppleID is yours, all items purchased with this ID belong to you.  Even if you trade devices, the Apps can be downloaded again for free on the new device when you use the same AppleID.
You will need to log out from the School's AppleID and log in using your personal AppleID following these steps:
  1. Tap on Settings.
  2. Scroll down to iTunes & App Stores (left hand side)
  3. Tap on Apple ID: (top of screen)
  4. Tap on Sign Out.
  5. Enter your Personal AppleID and password into the fields.
  6. Tap Sign in.
Apps can co-exist on your classroom iPads.  If for some reason you leave KCS, the Apps downloaded using your personal AppleID will go with you when you obtain your next iPad.  The Apps download using the school's AppleID or the VP program, will stay with the school system.

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