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    Using Settings

    Settings is an App on the iPad.   Wi-Fi settings, Location Services, setting your wallpaper, managing the iCloud and setting preferences for various Apps can be accomplished through the Settings App.  A bluetooth keyboard can be connected here, a passcode lock can be activated and the small side switch can be designated to either lock the screen rotation or mute the sound.  Just don't forget this when someone accidentally flicks the switch and your sound goes away!



    One of the topics listed under General Settings is the About Menu.

    Notice that the serial number is displayed here, which is MUCH easier to read than the tiny print on the back of the iPad!

    iPad Security


    It is EXTREMELY important that you turn on the Find my iPad setting.

    If for some reason your iPad is lost, missing or stolen it can be located on a map.  It can be remotely locked, or remotely erased.  When you find the location on a map, a sound can be played to locate the iPad within the building.  If you don't activate the Find my iPad setting, you are out of luck and more importantly, out of an iPad!

    In order for Find My iPad to work effectively we need to do three things…Name your iPad, Turn on the Find my iPad Setting and Lock the Settings.

    1. Name your iPad. -- The default name is IPAD.  If everyone leaves the default in place, it is impossible to tell if the IPAD that shows up on the radar screen is the stolen iPad or just one that was left home that day.  To name your iPad:

    • Tap on the Settings App
    • Tap on General (on left side of screen)
    • Tap on About (top of the screen)
    • Tap on Name (top of the screen)
    • Replace IPAD with your user name OR if it is part of an iPad cart, enter the Cart Name and the iPad Number (i.e. #1, #2, #3, etc)
    • Use the Gray arrows at the top of the screen to get back to the General Menu Screen.
                2.  Turn on Find My iPad. --
    • Tap on the Settings App if you're not already in the App
    • Select iCloud (located under General)
    • Switch the Off Button next to Find my iPad (right side of screen) to On .

2. Restrict your iPad. --a password on the iPad, will prevent a thief from disabling the Find My iPad Settings.

  • If you are not already in the Settings App, Tap on it.
  • Tap on General
  • Tap on Restrictions and Enable Restrictions.  You will have to put in a 4 digit number.  
  • Memorize the 4 digit number!  If you forget, the iPad will have to bet set back to Factory Settings.  You will start from scratch!
  • If you’d like a backup, email me the number.  I’ll save them all in a Word document on an external hard drive. If you forget yours you can call or email me me.
  • Once restrictions are enabled, scroll down and choose Location Services.
  • Verify that Find My iPad (the last on the list) is on.
  • Turn on any other Apps that you want to be able to use GPS/tracking/location services
  • Choose Don’t Allow Changes (top of screen)

i. Press the home button to get back to your home screen.



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