FAQ - How do I update my web page?

These are quick Notes for solving some basic tasks while using Sharp School web editing software.  If you want more detailed instructions go to http://customernet.sharpschool.com/training_resources/manuals

Enter in your default username and password for Sharp Schools.  Your technology facilitator will give it to you.

Change your Password

Click on your name

Click on the Edit User Tab

Enter your new password

Re-enter (to confirm) your new password

Click on Update User button (it jumps – I usually have to click on it twice)

The screen will flash but there is NOTHING else that lets you know your password has changed.  Trust me, it has!

Click on the school link above the View User Tab to exit back to the home page.


Navigate to Teacher Pages

Click Teacher Homepages

Click your Grade Level

Click on your Name

*You only have the ability to edit your own page but you can view all parts of the webpage when you are logged in*


Edit Your Main Page

Click Page Properties (top left corner)

Click Check Out & Edit Page

Scroll Down and edit under Page Content

Add your content

  • Professional Introduction
  • College and Degrees Earned
  • Educational Philosophy/Vision:

    When you finish your content click Publish.  DO NOT click on Save as a Draft  - it is not currently working and you will lose your page!


    Add Events to the Calendar

    Click on Calendar (left side)

    Click the green plus symbol in the tool bar

    Fill in the form to create an event

    When you are finished creating your event click Create Event

    *To get back to your main page click on the bread crumbs*


    Add Events to the Main School’s Calendar

    Click on Go to Main Calendar link under the mini-calendar

    Click the green plus symbol in the tool bar

    Fill in the form to create an event

    When you are finished creating your event click the Create Event button

    It will display under Upcoming Events on the home page immediately and disappear from there when the end date has passed.  The event will always remain on the calendar, however.

    *To get back to your main page click on the bread crumbs



     Add Photos

    Click Photos

    Click Add Album

    Title your Album and give it a description

    Then click Manage Images

    Click Add Images


    Adding Useful Links

    Click on Useful Links (left side)

    Click Page Properties (upper left corner)

    Click Check Out and Edit Page

    Edit under Page Content

    Click the Globe with the Link (top right on tool bar)

    Paste web address in the URL blank

    Type the Title of Webpage in the Link Text (this is how it will appear on your webpage)

    To attach a document click on the paper image beside the URL box

    Tooltip – a word or 2 to label your link

    Click OK


    Contact Me

    This is a form for parents to fill out and it will send you an email


    Add a New Page

    Navigate to the Page ABOVE where you want this one will be located.

    Click Page Properties Menu (top left corner)

    Select Add a New Page

  • Add Content Space page for a typical web page (use this 95% of the time)
  • Add Document Container Page for a ‘file cabinet’ of documents
  • Add Calendar Page to create a department calendar
  • External Link Page – not really a page, just a link under your menu

Add your title and click on the Blue down arrow to add the web-friendly title below.

Double-check that your name is listed as page owner.  If not, click on the icon next to it, and find your name. 

Click on your Name.  Click on Add.  Click on OK.

Click on the Create Page button.

Add your content in the message area, under the editing tools.  You can Preview it by clicking on the Preview tab below the space. 

When you are finished, click on Publish.


Adding Photos or Videos

To add a photo or a video you must be in Editing Mode. 

Click on the Page Properties Menu and select Check-out and Edit Page

Click on the Image Manager icon if you are uploading a photo or Media Manager icon if you are uploading a video. 

Add a folder to store your files and label it LastName_Media the very first time you add either a photo or video.  (Click on the Plus Folder icon to do that.)

Double click on the folder and click on Select to browse to the video or photo on your computer. 

When you have all the photos or video selected, click on Upload

To adjust the width, height and alignment of your media, or add a border, open your folder

Select on the photo or video you want to resize. 

Click on the Properties tab and make the adjustments.  (If you lock the ‘chain’ links to the right of the photo dimensions it will keep the photo in proportion.)

Photos for the banner need to be 635w x 270h

Photos for news articles need to be 284w x 177h

Add Alt Text (a word or two to label your picture/video)

Click OK


Adding Documents

To insert a document link you must be in Editing Mode.  Click on the Page Properties Menu and select Check-out and Edit Page.  Click on the Document Manager icon.  Navigate to your LastName_Documents folder (or click on the Plus Folder icon and create one).  Click on the folder and click on the Upload button then click on the Select button to browse to the document(s) on your computer.  When you have all the documents selected, click on Upload


Return to your Page Content editing area and enter text to link to the document.  Highlight the text and click on the Document Manager icon.  Click on the document, then from the Target pull-down, select New Window if you want the document to launch in a new window.  Create a tool tip label if desired.  Click on the Insert Button to complete the task.


Deleting a Page

Navigate to the page above (or backwards in the bread crumbs) the one you wish to delete.

Click on the Page Properties Menu and select Manage Sub-Pages/Page Status

Put a check in front of the page you wish to delete. 

Click on the Archive button to remove the page from your website. 

The page is still available in the Archive if you ever decide to use it again.  This is a great way to create seasonal pages (i.e. school supplies, welcome to school, Happy Thanksgiving, etc.) that can be resurrected annually and then stored when no longer needed.

To permanently delete the page, go to the parent page.

Click on the Page Properties Menu and select Archived Sub-Pages.

Find the page you wish to permanently delete and click on the red ‘x’ to the right of the page.


Changing the Template Theme

You may keep the KCS theme for your web page or you may decide to customize it.  There are several choices of background themes including subject, seasons, and holidays.  Feel free to change your theme at any time.  MAKE SURE YOU ARE VIEWING THE WEB PAGE THAT YOU WANT TO CHANGE!  YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE THE PERSON THAT ACCIDENTALLY CHANGES SOMEONE ELSE’S WEBSITE AND HAS TO APOLOGIZE FOR IT!


Here’s how to change your template:

From the Advanced Menu, select Page Theme.

Browse through the various teacher theme pages.  There are several pages of themes.  Navigate through them by clicking on the number boxes in the upper right-hand corner of the page.   To preview a full-sized page, hover over the thumbnail sketch and click on the Preview button that appears in the center of the thumbnail.  “X” out of the page to close it.


When you have decided on a theme, click on the thumbnail picture without clicking on the preview button.  A Publish Theme button will appear.  The theme will change on your page but the content data will remain.


Add a Title to a Theme’s Banner

Add the theme page to your website, following the directions above.

Click on the Page Properties menu (first one on left)

Select MetaData/General Metadata

Scroll down to the line that says Header Line 1 and enter what you want on the banner.

Click on Submit.

Close the metadata window

Refresh your page.

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