Video Tips for iMovie App

If you TAP you can… 
  • Select Content
  • Trim a Video
If you DOUBLE TAP you can… 
  • Clip/Photo Settings
  • Edit clip audio
  • Edit text or title
If you TAP AND HOLD you can… 
  • Move a clip or photo
  • Drag clip or photo to a new location

If you PINCH you can… 

  • Zoom into a project (Pinch out)
  • Zoom out of a project (Pinch in)
Tap + to Start a New Project 

Trailer -Template to create Movie Trailer 
  • Add Photos, text and Video
  • No Editing
Project - Create video 
  • Add existing Videos or Photos
  • Record Video or Snap Photos
  • Change Theme or Background
  • Record sound track or add music

To Transfer video or photos from your computer
use iTunes if not Supervised iPad (from a cart)

Your Challenge: 

  • Make at least two short videos with your iPad
  • Import them into iMovie
  • Import your iMotion videos
  • Take several still shots to compliment your videos
  • Import the still shots and place them in the movie
  • Add Sound, music, and/or narration

OR BONUS Challenge (For the Gifted Crowd):

  • Form a Jam Session "band" using Garage Band with three other participants
  • Determine which instruments each of you will play
  • Plan out your Composition
  • Perform/Record the unique musical composition.
  • Bonus points for importing it into iMovie and adding illustrations

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