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Sound Cloud

Free App

Sound Cloud   

Sound Cloud

Free App

  • Press button on Screen
  • Record
  • Use scissor icon to trim/edit your podcast
  • Save when finished
    • Email link to self

Sound Brush  
Free App with In-App purchases of more sounds

  •  Teaches music basics without having to read musical scores
  • Paint Sound with your finger
  • Paint up - sound goes up
  • Paint down - sound goes down
  • Long strokes - long pitches
  • Quick strokes - shorter pitches
  • Play back composition when finished.
  • Email song to others (need Sound Brush to open)


 garage band  

Garage Band


Garage Band for iOS - Help  OR Tutorials

  • Tap the Wrench to find/define the Settings
    • Metronome On/Off
    • Count-in On/Off
    • Sound of Metronome
    • Tempo - Speed  (40-240)  tap/slide up/down to change speed quickly.  Use arrow keys for smaller changes
    • Key - Major/Minor structures chords that are available to select
    • Time Signature - 3/4, 4/4, or 6/8
    • Fade out On/Off
  • Tap to select an audio clip, trim the end of the clip, or move the clip
  • Tap and Drag to move or stretch a clip
  • Double Tap to cut, copy, delete, loop, or split a clip  

Croak It!

Free iPhone App

Easy to Use

  • Press Button on Screen
  • Record
  • Press Button to Stop
  • Play back
    • Cancel if you don't like
    • Save if you do like
      • Determine if Private or Public  
Free - iPhone App
  • Press the Record Button 2x
  • 3 minute limit for free version
  • Add title, picture, tags, and location if desired
Link to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Blogger
Save Podcasts in iTunes or as RSS feeds




Using One of these Apps to create an Audio file that would be useful in your classroom.

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