iPad Summit - Atlanta

Pre-Conference Multimedia Session

http://edtechteacher.org/ipads - Apps organized by use

printfriendly.com - turn web based material to pdf on iPad.
iPads and Google Apps for Education - Google Presentation
Google Drive - Think of it as a thumb drive or a Creative Digital Repositories
Use folders - Students make a folder and share so teacher can collect and organize student folders.
important to use naming conventions.  Students create 1 folder per class and use subfolders to organize.  Label class, name, assignment for example.
teachers create one folder per class to collect student folders. Student drops work into folder, teacher grades and returns. 
Google PLUS - social media, Google Hangouts
Photo Storage - (replaces Picasa) 
Phoster - Make your own poster

Building an iPad Classroom - Tom Daccord

Questions to Consider:
  • If I walked into your Classroom would I know what your mission is?
  • If you could only put ONE thing on your iPad, what would it be?
  • What do you want students to be able to do at the end of the year?
  • What does Awesome look like in your school?
  • What do Leaders do to Support Change?  Skip "Best Practices" just share Practices!
  • Is change technical or adaptive?  (learning app vs. modifying mindset)  Don't forget to ask "Did we change?"
  • Where are you in the cycle of experiment and experience? starts with FEAR, then willing to experiment, finally growth+structured review=institutional capacity for new plan
Good Principal Blog - connectedprincipals.com
Good Tech Research Blog - bit.ly/edtechresearcher

Layar - Augmented Reality (new version of a QR code).  Augmented Reality uses mobile phones and tablets with Internet, GPS, and camera capabilities
to overlay information in particular areas. A mobile app may pose questions or trigger virtual conversations and scenarios when a student enters an Augmented Reality area. Look for it in print materials. Article about classroom using it for Field Trips.

More information about AR

10,000 iPads in a year

Well organized list of Web 2.0 tool suggestions. http://edtech.mansfieldisd.org/web20.html


  • Readlists.com - Just add URL of web page that you want to save, then publish as an e-pub.  Opens up as a book instead of web page, but has ability for live links, read text, etc.  Think about publishing review books for EOGs.
  • Papyrus - have to create on computer.  Free alternative to iPublisher
  • CK-12 - make a flexbook

Angela Meirs - Keynote Speaker

Angela has written two books - Habitudes and Passion Driven Classroom.  Her TED talk is inspiring.  She says two words can change the world...YOU MATTER.  

A website that she has just been launched is called Choose 2 Matter.  The website has a Quest area broken down into 5-14 years and 15 years +.  Both groups are asked to consider a problem that breaks their heart and design a solution for that problem.  

So what IS your passion?  There is a passion gap in schools that can be observed.  Passion index - kdg. 98% are passionate, 8-10 year-olds 32 % are still passionate,  13-15 year-olds = 10% are still passionate, adults only 2%.  If you don't believe this passion gap exists, walk into a high school class and observe the number of students sleeping, zoned out, or ignoring the instruction.  One student said his goal for school was to keep his soul intact by the time he graduated.  That breaks MY heart!

Whatever you are passionate about you will do anything to push the limits and obtain success.  Be confidently unstoppable and cultivate it.  Take a risk - surround yourself with people that support you.
Nothing great can be accomplished without passion.  Your work is (if it isn't it should be) your passion.  Passion is not an event; it is an invitation to step up. If you're not sure of your passion, consider what breaks your heart about the world??  Act on that.
Your Passion Quotient and Creative Quotient matter as much as Intelligence Quotient - Thomas Friedman 
know that they matter - have value and are not underestimated.

Other Angela Slogans:
  • "have to do vs. a get to do"  come to school with a "to be" list, not a "to do" list.
  • Set Big Hairy Audacious Goals (B-HAG) - if they don't scare you to death, they aren't big enough.
  • Honor, expectation, act, risk, take action (Heart)  The person around you may have genius and if you're talking, you'll miss it.
  • wow - worthy of the world
  • You are a genius and the world needs your contribution
  • 21st century assessment is about what you contribute, not what you consume.Follow my lead.  Let's go somewhere that matters - not just somewhere that glitters.

Questions You Were Afraid to Ask about iPads

tinyurl.com/btcy8vj for presentation  - Eugene Horn ehorn@trinityatl.org

Questions to Ponder:
  • Who controls the Apple IDs? Who gets Apple IDs?
  • Volume Apps for Education? Who manages this?
  • Who Manages App Budget? How do we set an
  • App Budget?
  • “To cart or not to cart” that is the question...
  • How do we ensure we do not end up with 10,000 apps across multiple Apple IDs at the end of a couple years?
Mobile Device Managers - Comparison 
Meraki - FREE!
Configurator - Free

Recommended bandwidth - 20 per AP.  He uses AERONET 1142 mounted in the ceiling.  
HIDDEN SSID - don't do it
bonjour won't cross over subnet - and very chatty on wifi network
web filter - check to make sure bandwidth is turned up, not set too low.

Apple ID's
  • Must be 13 years of age
  • software acquired through VPP, iTunes cards, Credit Card.  (VPP through school ID, other use personal account.)
  • Using more than 40 Find my iPad on one AppleID will break the locator.
  • APN needs ports 5223, 2195, 2196, 443 if 5223 open.
  • Apple public address block

Redefining the Classroom

Jennie Magiera (teachinglikeits2999.blogspot.com), Autumn Laidler (mslaidler.blogspot.com), and Anita Orozco (tinyurl.com/msorozcosclass)

Website with Prezi Handout
Take small steps - focus on the journey not the destination.
Using Google Groups to share learning.  

They use the SAM-R Model for iPads  (developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura)
Substitution - Flash Cards Apps for Time Tables - doing same thing electronically
Augmentation - Flash Card with timer (enhanced)
Modification - processes that are changing the game.  Time tables learned through baseball game.  Applying math facts to play the game.
Redefinition - facetime with another student to ask how they learned math facts. Use their techniques (maybe a math rap, or discuss complex math problem to argue out solution.)

Redefining Classroom Management:
Use Schoology, a free Learning Management System
Use Class Dojo to manage classroom behavior

Redefining Science:  Using Book Creator, Mental Note, Notability, Evernote (iPad) OR iBook Author (Macbook) to create interactive science journals with video of science labs. Use Quadblogging.net to blog about lab results and ask a new hypothetical question to the other three schools.

Redefining EC:
 mask differentiated work so students don't feel singled out.  Use iBook Author to create your own textbooks.  High interest/low readibility.  Add content quizzes as you go.
Utilize the Speak function in iBooks (pdf's can be converted to iBooks easily)
Have students summarize using a Comic Book editor like Kabaam, Comic Life, Toontastic, or Strip Design
Use creation Apps like Audioboo, iMovie, Animoto or Explain Everything to create, collaborate, and assess.
Use QR Codes for a virtual scavenger hunt or field trip. Use them to assess by presenting a question with QR code #1 and a resource with QR code #2 if they need a tutorial.

Redefining Math:

Using Dan Meyers 3-acts Live Binder , Use Explain Everything to explain math story problems.
Video a trip to grocery store.  Create a shopping dilemma for students to solve.  Is buy one get one free of Kraft better than buying just one of the store brand?  How many packages will it take for a class party?
Ask multi-step questions - Inventory Language Arts tools (or math tools, technology, etc) in classroom.  Estimate How much money would it cost to replace them. Then go shopping online.  What is the least amount you can spend (Bargains and coupons)?  What is the most?
Group Tweet your answers. (Did you know Groups can consolidate discussion of many into a single Twitter account organized on a GroupTweet homepage?

Sharing your Successes:  How do teachers get together to share what they learn at conferences?  Hold a Playdate!

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